We Remember

What does a lack of moral consensus look like? Well, in extreme cases, a lot like today, except 11 years ago. In lesser extremity, it looks like right now in Cairo where a mob just stormed the American embassy. They tore down the American flag and ripped it up to make way for one proclaiming “There is no God but God, and Mohammad is his messenger.” The casus belli? A film allegedly in production here in the United States insulting of Mohammad. It must be banned, they said. An eloquent illustration of at least one of our differences. As Paul Harvey might say, “it’s not one world.”

We suffer no such violent rifts domestically in those areas where we lack agreement. But before we take undue comfort in that, we should consider that our internal lack of moral consensus is different only in degree from the one we lack with the embassy stormers and tower destroyers. It is not different in kind.

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