The Role Of The Church In Forming A “Clear, Vibrant, Winsome, And Effective ‘World View'”

Father Sirico, over on The Corner, says one of the reasons Romney did not win yesterday is that the church has failed to play a robust role in the civic life of our society.  I couldn’t say it better myself, and so I’ll let him:

Finally, and with specific application to our religious institutions, now under more governmental  threat than at most any other time in the history of the Republic, there must be a recognition of failure on our part to make persuasive, compelling, and authentic the message and identity we bear. The very existence of our social-service institutions is taken for granted at the moment that these have themselves lost their own rasion d’être (witness the wholesale sell-out of Catholic Bishops by the Catholic Hospital Association in the face of the HHS mandate, among others). At least with regards to the Catholic bishops in the United States, along with various movements of Evangelical Protestants, there is a growing recognition of a failure in our role in forming a clear, vibrant, winsome, and effective “world view.” The recognition is growing, as I say, but what this election gives evidence of is that we have a great deal more yet to accomplish.

I hope it’s not too late.

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