We Must Reject The False Concept Of “Governmental Compassion”

David French, on The Corner, has some ideas on what building a consensus might include.  Note especially the latter part of this paragraph addressing real compassion:

Majority ideologies are built over generations, not overnight, and it means breaking the public-school monopoly, influencing public schools even while we work to diminish their influence, sending our best and brightest young writers and actors into the lion’s den of Hollywood, working to reform higher education and breaking the ideological hammerlock of the hard Left on faculties, and working hard — very hard — to tell the true story of conservative compassion for the “least of these,” a story featuring the efficiency and creativity of private philanthropy combined with Christ-centered love and concern for the individual.

We have the better message. Now we have to make sure our fellow citizens see it as empowering, not terrifying.

Via The Corner – National Review Online.

He’s right.  We have the better message, and the story of creative, private, Christ-centered philanthropy is true.

But it needs to grow to such a mammoth proportion that it becomes the gravitational center of how we care for our neighbors.  When it does, then governmental “compassion” will be revealed as the profoundly uncompassionate and destructive force it really is.

Church, I believe your phone is ringing.

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