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Over on TGC this morning, I respond to Rod Dreher’s claim that evangelicals are less hospitable than Roman Catholics or Eastern Orthodox to awe and wonder at God. Dreher bases his article on what he feels are unfounded accusations of New Age heresy aimed at an evangelical author – accusations that he found on the web, more or less randomly, by googling.

News Flash: Harsh Criticism Found on Internet!

As I wrote at TGC:

Is this the yardstick by which Dreher would evaluate our faith tradition? Does he think that I cannot appeal to my father Google, and he will at once send me more than 12 legions of links to websites where “articulate and educated” people in his tradition also say crazy things?

I argue that evangelicals are rather a little too much given to the pastoral/devotional side of piety, and could use a little more doctrinal clarity:

If evangelical authors who focus on doctrine are anxious about the urgency of correcting theological errors in devotional writers, it’s mostly because they speak from a position of weakness, whereas the devotional writers are in a position of strength.

Check it out.

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