TGC Faith and Work Panel Now Live


TGC has posted free videos of all the presentations from their national conference last month, including the faith-and-work after-conference I participated in. Check it out! Here’s a taste (starting at 22:00):

And I would add [regarding] being made in God’s image: Remember, God is three persons in one being, and work is made for community. We work with other people. To work is to be engaged in not only serving others but interacting with others as we give and receive through our work. And through the economy we become coworkers with millions of people because our work interacts with their work, and so forth. Now in the Trinity, why do the three persons work together – and work together so much that they have only one will? It’s because they love each other, and they have a common being, a common root. Now, human beings are not God, obviously, but there is an imaging of the Trinity in the way we work. Humanity has an organic wholeness that we live out through our work, because work is relational. And yet, every individual still matters and has intrinsic dignity, and the distinctiveness of the person is just as important for us as it is in the Trinity.

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