Christian Business for the Common Good

There’s no copyright in title, so Kenman Wong and Scott Rae won’t be able to sue the American Enterprise Institute over the subtitle of its new short documentary, “To Whom Is Given: Business for the Common Good.” But I doubt they’d want to, since it wouldn’t serve the common good to do so.

My friends in the Oikonomia Network will recognize our good friends Chris Brooks and Katherine Leary Alsdorf here, and might also be able to place such obscure faces as Dave Blanchard and Greg “Let Your Jesus Freak Flag Fly” Thornbury.

It really is remarkable the extent to which Arthur Brooks has led AEI to make the connections between religion and civic concerns like economic flourishing. In his early days at the helm, I heard Arthur give a talk at a Christian college where someone said to him how extraordinary it was to have a president of AEI addressing them and speaking frankly as a man of faith, and he replied nervously, “well, we’ll see if I’m still president of AEI when I get back to DC.”

He was, and I’m glad. If only there were more voices like his in both progressive and conservative think tanks, public policy might not be implicitly at war with religion in the way it is now.

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