Relax, It’s Just Capitalism


My review of Brent Waters’ Just Capitalism is up at TGC:

Perhaps the most important contribution of Just Capitalism is Waters’s argument that, at least on the natural level, flourishing is primarily a result of koinonia. He explains koinonia as a state in which people are holding in common or enjoying together (“communicating,” in a technical sense of that term) the goods of creation. We were made for koinonia, and our nature cries out for it.

That’s why the church is characterized by koinonia. That’s also why the life of the church, when it’s rightly ordered, offers the watching world a model for how human institutions can be arranged in a way that leads to flourishing. Waters has thought carefully about the sociology of the church and how it can indirectly influence other social structures.

People tend to have visceral, knee-jerk reactions (pro and con) to the C-word; Jonathan Haidt is writing a book about that. Whatever your reaction, I hope you give Just Capitalism a full and fair read. You won’t regret it.

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