Getting Loosey Goosey


My latest in a series on different understandings of the kingdom of God is up at The Green Room. I look at the kind of church that gets dismissed as loosey-goosey:

The point here is not just grace but the hermeneutic of grace. It is not just the job of the church to proclaim grace and practice grace but to make grace intelligible. In every time and place, it is hard for people reared and formed amidst the darkness of the world to wrap their heads and hearts around the reality of grace; it is the job of the church in every age to discern how to interpret grace in, and into, their culture’s system of symbols.

Accommodation paradigm churches care intensely about interpreting grace to people. As a result, they have set themselves to the enormously hard work of studying and learning how to use the complex system of symbols in the surrounding culture. In doing so they have gained mastery of a knowledge and skill set comparable to that required of an engineer or medical doctor.

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