The 95 Theses and Vocation

95 Theses

Today, Christian History Institute runs a sneak preview of my forthcoming eBook on how Luther’s 95 Theses can challenge the church today:

Mark Greene of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity put the issue [of following God in our work and other daily activities] into sharp focus when he spoke to the Lausanne Movement gathering in 2010, the largest global conference of evangelical leaders ever held.

He observed that most Christians think the job of the church is to recruit people to join the church and participate in its programs to spread the gospel. On that model, he pointed out, the 98% of Christians who are not church employees are neither envisioned nor equipped by the church to serve Jesus in 95% of what they do with their waking hours.

As Greene said: “What a tragic waste of human potential!”…

Five hundred years ago, Brother Martin was facing a dilemma that had important similarities to ours. In his world, works of religious devotion had become something separate from ordinary life, similar to the way we put our faith front and center on Sunday but struggle to do the same on Monday…

If you have any theses for disputation to offer in reply to my thoughts, they’re very welcome!

And mark your calendars for Oct. 31, 2017, the 500th anniversary date, for the release of The Church on Notice.

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