Could It Be True – God, a Father?


Wrapping up my latest series on TGR with a little light speculation about the inner life of the Trinity:

Is there work in the inner life of the Trinity? Perhaps we can’t know. But everything in the outward operation of the Trinity (God’s creation and redemption of the world, and all his relations with it) has to come out of the inner life of the Trinity.

Occasion for these reflections is the thought that we tend not to think of fatherhood as a form of “work,” which diminishes our appreciation of how the agency of God is represented in the image of God as a father:

Notice that for Paul, what sharply differentiates the Christian conception of the divine from pagan conceptions is not only the sole lordship of Jesus over all but also the sole fatherhood of God over all.

That’s a lot of dirty diapers.

This series was great fun and richly rewarding for me. Not sure what to write about next – taking suggestions!

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