Work, Formation and Justice


TGR carries my latest on our daily work as part of the holy war against Satan:

To a large extent, although not of course entirely, spiritual formation and resistance to injustice both consist of the transformation of the way people do their daily work through spiritual heart-change. While I would not collapse the distinction between the two entirely, they are certainly not separate endeavors, and even the importance of the distinction between them has been, I think, overemphasized.

The consequences of this are radical…The boundaries between the faith and work movement and the justice movements ought to be a lot more porous than they are at present.

It also follows that both spiritual formation and resistance to injustice are intrinsically “communal” and “public” as well as “individual” and “private” from Step 1 onward. Because, as we saw, the fact that a person’s relationship with God is the primary constitutive fact about that person makes indiviudal and communal formation interdependent.

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