What Is Right?


Hard on the heels of my new eBook on the 95 Theses for the church today, with chapters on vocation and justice, TGR carries the latest in my series on our daily work as holy war against evil:

There is always limited agreement in the present age about what is right. This is true in our workplaces as much as anywhere else. It is important to note that there is some agreement, and also to note that the agreement is limited. The agreement is there because of the image of God in all people; the limits are there because of the fall, and also because of the already/not yet tension of the present stage of redemptive history.

The presence of some agreement about what is right makes working together possible. We could not have workplaces at all if we did not have some common ground regarding what is right. Therefore part of our Christian formation and witness is to be the people who actually do what is agreed to be right. We are to be the people who come to the aid of those who are lied about or cheated or discriminated against or sexually harassed.

On the other hand…we may need to take a different approach where the wrong that we are resisting is not agreed to be wrong by everyone in our workplaces.

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