With Apologies to Aristotle


On Mere Orthodoxy today, I attack secular neutralism, as put forth in a recent spoof of a Platonic dialogue:

Socrates’ pseudo-city skirts the real problem he has set for himself in seeking to make a city of men who disagree about the gods. The four fundamental laws that are to govern the city – do the gods will these laws, or not?

If so, the city is enforcing the laws of the gods – some of them, at least. This is precisely what it is not supposed to do.

But if the gods do not will the laws of this city, the laws are both immoral and tyrannous. They are immoral because they are not the will of the gods. They are tyrannous because they will be enforced, with violence when necessary, upon citizens who do not view them as the will of the gods.

If the gods will the laws of the pseudo-city, Law 3 is violated. If they do not, Law 2 is violated.

Instead, I defend a different vision of the liberal order – one based on a monstrous assumption about the gods.

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  1. My mind is not of a set to delve into depths of your presentations at this time; however, I like what I have seen in this presentation – at least it is not one-way-stupidly presented – it stimulates thought. Thinking is an exercise that most humans do not believe is worthwhile in this day and time. Having actually visited the cathedral at Worms and knocked 3 times upon the door – no response – I left a bit disappointed but with the assurance that in due time I would examine the document that changed history for all who believe in God as the Creator of the Universe and the Giver of all Good gifts and Graces. Straight and to the point – it could have used some expansion for clarification so far as I am concerned but, then, perhaps not as the level of knowledge to the average person was not exactly extensive and therefore simplicity was necessary(?).

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