On Moore and on Transformation – TransMooreation?


Two pieces live today – on TGC I look at how our lack of an eschatological perspective on the fate of both the church and our nations has contributed to the Roy Moore disaster:

One of the most intense experiences in my life was about 10 years ago, when a dear friend told me his teenage son was starting to drift toward political extremism. He asked if I could help. I knew his son and had no difficulty turning my next conversation with him toward politics, and sure enough, he was moving toward destructive ideas.

“But don’t you think,” he said, in response to some cautionary word I had offered him, “that America is on the brink of becoming a fascist dictatorship?”

“I think,” I replied, “that every nation is always on the brink of becoming a fascist dictatorship.”

His face changed so dramatically I could almost see the light bulb appear over his head.

Don’t miss the shout-outs to Chuck Colson and Whittaker Chambers.

And Christian History‘s issue on Faith in the City carries a piece (adapted from my work at TGR) on how the transformative love of God builds up the kingdom to seek justice, holiness and grace in a way that impacts our communities:

I want to propose a reversal of our inadequate models of the Kingdom that will bear some resemblance to death and resurrection.

Let me know what you think!

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