MLK on Your Life’s Blueprint

My new series at TGR is on Martin Luther King’s address to junior high students six months before he was murdered, entitled “What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?” In the first post, I cover the important influence of Christian personalism on MLK’s address, and what it means for the faith and work movement:

Of course, King’s purpose is not to encourage narcissism. Today, our movement has to spend a lot of its time resisting narcissism – an inflated sense of somebodiness – because it serves a lot of highly advantaged people who have been told too much about how they are somebody and not enough about how they are responsible to others.

For King, it was all the other way around. His audience had been told all their lives that they existed to serve others. They were treated as mere instruments for others’ ends. King had to work hard to restore their sense of somebodiness.

Be a somebody and let me know what you think!

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