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  1. This is amazing! Someone has made a video of my nightmare!

    Look, I don’t begrudge you undecideds being undecided. But please, it doesn’t make you sophisticated, or wise, or insightful. It makes you uninformed and unqualified to vote, even though you have the right to exercise the franchise. Someone really ought to take you all aside and kindly explain that when you exercise that right, you do nothing but reduce our elections to random representative generators. Because you don’t know what you’re doing. Know what I mean?

    Tell you what – when you need your car repaired, give me a call. I’ll come over and replace some random parts. I’m sure it will work out fine. I’m gifted that way; I don’t really need to inform myself on mechanical issues to do this sort of thing. You have no idea how well-respected I am amongst automobile engineers.

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