Left in the Dust

As the dust settles after a clear win by President Obama last night, I’ve found the rhetoric interesting. On the one side I hear tried and true right-leaning republicans ask “Does this mean the majority of our country feels entitled to handouts?” On the other side, I hear more moderate conservatives state “Maybe our strategy of ‘work hard and you’ll pull yourself up financially’ doesn’t work with the masses. I find both interesting because these are both questions we have discussed here on this blog in the past few weeks.

On the one hand, “No” the majority of our country does not feel entitled to handouts. However, they have rejected the far right perspective of “You can do it yourself without any help from government!” Moderates have finally realized this fact, a fact which I stated less than a week ago. There are only a small percentage of people in this country who are self-starting entrepreneur types. People need some help. Maybe now politicians will wake up and realize standing on the sidelines shouting to the poor to pull themselves up by the bootstraps doesn’t really help anyone.

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