Part 2 of the New Fight for Marriage at TGC


Part 2 of my article on a new fight for marriage is up at TGC this morning:

We need to stop imagining real marriage is like the Apple of 2013—assuming we are the dominant entity and our opponents are upstarts trying to displace us from our position at the top. We need to realize that today, real marriage is the Apple of 1984—we’re trying to break into a market completely dominated by our rivals and offer a radically different kind of product…

We know the truth about sexuality and can therefore describe it accurately. We can tell stories that make people say, “Yes, that’s the truth about life.” We cannot deliver the short-term comfort and pleasure they provide, but we can deliver the deep satisfaction and functional life that they cannot.

We must speak the truth about sexuality and romance in the language of sexuality and romance. This can’t be a special, private sexual language for Christians that others will need to learn. It must be a language that speaks to people in terms of their everyday experiences and doesn’t presuppose that you need to be Christian before you can have a humane understanding of sexuality.

There are so many more questions I didn’t have space to get to – like, “how do we actually make this transition?” – that I hope to return to the subject soon. Commentary, questions and challenges are very welcome as prods to better thinking, so open fire!

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