My New Report on School Choice Research

Win-Win 3.0 cover

This morning, the Friedman Foundation releases the third edition of my biannual report summarizing the research on school choice. As in previous editions, I survey all the empirical research on the academic effects of school choice programs – both for the students who use school choice and for public schools. Also, new in this edition of the report, I also survey the research on how school choice impacts the democratic polity in three ways: impact on taxpayers, racial segregation and civic values and practices (such as tolerance for the rights of others).

What does the research find? Here, I’ll spoil the surprise for you:

Win-Win 3.0 chart

That unbroken column of zeros on the right side sure is impressive!

Readers of HT may be especially interested in the impact of school choice on civic values and practices. Check out the report for more – but you may also want to peek at Pat Wolf’s classic article Civics Exam.

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