Fox News v. Reza Aslan – Whoever Wins, We Lose


For crying out loud! I was working on what would be the best way to communicate the absurdity of both sides in the Fox News/Reza Aslan dustup, and Timothy Michael Law goes and beats me to the punch. First read this, then this, then add derisive laughter and/or wails of despair (to taste).

Backfill, as far as I can make it out:

  • Aslan wrote a dumb book about Christianity. (Now there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read!)
  • Fox News attacked him, not because the book is dumb, but because Muslims aren’t supposed to write books about Christianity.
  • Aslan defends himself by waving around his Ph.D. and bragging that he is a credentialed expert who has studied everything.

It’s like Aliens versus Predator – “whoever wins, we lose.”

HT Collin Garbarino

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